Fars Dreng loves people partying and good company. If you’ve got a special occasion or an event you want to celebrate in perfect surroundings, you can book our restaurants for events in the evening – and have it all to yourself. Our kitchen and our staff are ready to give you a great evening. Just tell us what you would like to eat and drink, and we’ll find the solution, that fits your wishes and your wallet.


Standing reception with food and drink. 350 DKK for each guest. Minimum 40 guests.

“Food sharing” event with wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. 600 DKK for each guest. Minimum 20 guests.

Coffee tuk tuk. If you’ve got an outdoor event where good coffee is a must, Fars Dreng will park the mobile barista where you want it, and serve freshly brewed coffee made from freshly ground beans – with or without milk, sugar and what have you. We’ve got it all.