Welcome to Fars Dreng

Gourmet food with street cred

Fars Dreng (Daddy’s Boy) loves good food. Not the posh kind served with tweezers, mind you. Fars Dreng serves gourmet food with street cred. With handpicked organic produce and prepared with the undiluted and excited love for anything that tastes delicious. Here sustainability isn’t just a must-have word on the homepage but a must-do part of every working day.

The portions are plentiful. Fars Dreng wants to eat his fill. But he abhores food waste. Ask Fars Dreng and he will say, he himself invented the open avocado sandwich. Any which way the finesses and twists on the well-known have been on the menu since 2015 when Fars Dreng opened his first restaurant.

Fars Dreng loves Copenhagen. The city where even the tiniest touch of sunshine sends people outdoors. The city world-renowned for its fine food. And where Fars Dreng himself has been awarded for best breakfast and brunch.

Fars Dreng loves the laid back long table atmosphere and Danish hygge. And he’s now spreading good vibes and good food at three hot spots in the middle of Copenhagen. Close to the Metro, where the pulse of the city beats with life. Come in and sit yourself down.


Meet us here

Ny Adelgade 7
Phone: +4550341988

Islands Brygge 79A
Phone: +4531765648

Rosengården 12
Phone: +4531416375